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Sasso di San Martino

10 km

6 hours


780 mt

780 mt

Unique and super panoramic excursion in the heart of Tremezzina, the whole center of Lake Como and Cellagio are the protagonists such as Grigne, Monte Legnone and Monte San Primo. Once we reach the Sasso di San Martino, our gaze will lead us to discover the Terre Alte… the Alps.

Ring itinerary passing through the church of San Martino, the Nava mountains and the small church of the Alpine troops

The excursion from Tremezzo (205 m) to Sasso di San Martino (860 m) is panoramically unique in the world, the path gives us magnificent views of Bellagio and Lake Como. The first part of the excursion (up to the church of San Martino) is not difficult, while the stretch from the church to the top of the Sasso is along a narrow and rocky path and mule track.

We continue the ascent, we skirt a large rocky spur and enter a wooded area, we leave the wood at the foot of a pasture, we go around it and go up towards some farmhouses. After the farms we go up for a short stretch on an asphalted road, on the clearing we immediately turn right and after a few serpentines we arrive at the top of the Sasso di San Martino from where we can admire a splendid panorama of Lake Como, the return loop passing through the mountains di Nava and the small church of the Alpini.

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