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Monte di Carcente and Treccione

10 km


780 mt

780 mt

It starts from the village of Breglia, first of all going to visit the Madonna di Breglia, a church placed in a dominant position. You then return to the village where the route is marked and follows the ancient mule tracks that connect the various mountains. After a downhill stretch, which helps to overcome the Val di Greno, you arrive at Carcente, still partially inhabited where you can visit the museum of the rural house which conserves tools, uses and traditional costumes.

Continue pointing uphill on the mule track that reaches the Carcente mountains. The mule track crosses an airy forest of Castani and is very well preserved.

From the mountains of Carcente you can reach the mountains of Treccione in a few minutes, located on a large and sunny natural balcony.

You return by mule track to the Carcente mountains and by another path to Breglia.

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