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Sasso di Musso

9 km

6 hours


740 m

740 m

This itinerary will take us to know the Sasso di Musso, an elevation that rises from the remains of the famous castle of Musso on the western shore of Lake Como, close to the much better known and imposing Monte Bregagno.

The proposed itinerary takes place mostly on a path and cart track.
  The path climbs steeply in the first section, and then continues to steadily gain altitude.Once in the locality of Pozzuolo, a small agglomeration of huts  continue until you reach the trail markers in Monte Corna, (760 m).  therefore you begin to go up the ridge of the Sasso di Musso. The path continues between limestone outcrops and after having passed Monte Crocetta on the left, you continue to climb steeply until you reach the top of Sasso di Tegano, where a meteorological station has been placed (1140 m). San Bernardo, which can be reached in a few minutes (1105 m), upstream of the church, on the path to Mount Bregagno, there is a cool fountain. After a necessary break, continue following the path under the church and past a chapel with a crucifix carved in wood, you will soon reach the dirt road and descend through woods and small clusters of huts to our starting point ..

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