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Pizzo di Gino

7 km

6 hours


450 mt

450 mt

The departure is from San Nazzaro in Val Cavargna. At the end of the town, take a small road to the right that climbs narrowly back towards the hamlet of Bubegno. Once upstream from the small church of S. Antonio, take the asphalted road which, crossing a beautiful pine forest, leads to the locality of Tecchio (1300 m), a small hamlet of houses with particularly sloping roofs: you can park your car nearby. Continue on foot along the pastoral dirt road that climbs the open slope up to the crossroads on the right  leads to the Croce di Campo Refuge (1739 m)  clearly visible from below.

Once you reach the refuge, continue along the ridge above  which after a short tear becomes semi-flat. Continue for about 200 meters on this coast, then leave it out and take a track that branches off to the right.

Continue crossing for a long time, along the hillside, the SE side of the Cima Pianchette. The track is always clearly evident and leads to Bocchetta di Sebol (1986 m), at the base of the W ridge of Tabòr. Go up this grassy ridge and soon you will reach the summit of Mount Tabòr (2079 m). You then return to the aforementioned Bocchetta and faithfully follow the ESE swinging ridge of Cima Pianchette, without any difficulty, until you reach the top of the second peak of the traverse (2158 m). The path that requires some attention begins now. Take the signposted path downhill, which remains about twenty meters below the NW ridge of Cima Pianchette.

Carefully descend an exposed stretch equipped with chains and you will soon arrive at Bocchetta di Piazza Vacchera (2065 m). The aided exposed section can be bypassed, following the easy line of the ridge. Now begins the ascent of the ESE ridge of Pizzo di Gino. Indeed, you always follow the marked path that remains under the ridge and only in some final stretches on it. Continue on the ascent, paying attention to the slightly exposed sections, until you reach the summit building, where the track ends. From here go up a short but steep grassy slope that leads to the ESE ridge. Go around a rocky outcrop to the right and through easy rocks you reach the summit of Pizzo di Gino (2245 m).

From Pizzo di Gino you go down the normal route of this peak, initially along the rocky W ridge which then becomes a very wide grassy slope. You go down until you cross the wide path that crosses under the SW and then S side of the mountain and you arrive at Alpe Piazza Vacchera (1774 m). Now following the unpaved service road to this pasture (which climbs up from San Nazzaro) you return to the Croce di Campo Refuge and from here, as for the climb, you return to San Nazzaro.

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