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Monte Gringo and Comana

7 km

6 hours


450 mt

450 mt

We will start our excursion from the hamlet of  Posa (840 mt) in the village of Schignano, where it is possible to park.

Walking along the mule track you reach some huts near the locality of Bocchetta (Bocolo), beyond which you enter a panoramic point on Lake Como, halfway between Monte Gringo and Monte Comana.
To get to the top of Monte Gringo it is necessary to proceed keeping to the left. On Monte Gringo you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view over Lake Como, towards Tremezzina, Isola Comacina ,
  Bellagio , the Grigna.

After admiring the panorama we will descend towards the Bocchetta and then continue towards the Comana (1,210 meters), taking a track of  path in the woods with a rather steep ascent for a difference in height of about 80mt.

The top of Monte Comana represents the arrival point of the first part of the Path of Expressions. From here we will continue on the ridge through the magical atmosphere of the forest until we reach the Roccolo del Messo (1153mt) ancient structure for capturing birds, up to the Colma di Binate (1125mt), along the path called La Conca di Schignano. Finally, take the mule track towards Posa. 

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